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Hi folks!

We just wanted to give you guys a quick update on our progress and insight in our development process. During the early stages of development on WYDT, we were left with some important questions. We didn’t know wether or not our mechanic would be fun or not and we still don’t have an answer to that, but we are getting there! We are currently working on a prototype involving this core mechanic.

Another major question that needed to be resolved was that we didn’t know what camera perspective would suit our game best, fortunately though we have answered that already and have found that an averaged observer camera would suit our needs, this is in fact already implemented. The camera now follows the 4 players simultaneously, and adjusts it’s zoom level based on the distance between them.

Since our core mechanic revolves around annoying each other, we wanted to find out whether a small, medium or large level would be sufficient. We didn’t want to give them to much space, but we didn’t want to deprive them of it as well. We now settled on a medium sized level.

To improve the user experience of our game, we wondered how we could visualize the object with which you were currently interacting. Right now we found a possible solution, we now display the buttons above the object to see which buttons they can press. We also added a timer in the form of a loading circle, that informs the player on the duration of their actions. Another possibility is to add an outline around the object you are currently facing.

So that’s about it, for next week we’d planned to link the interactables with their respective tasks, so that when you complete interacting, the task gets removed. We are also looking into solutions on making the interactables not seem like chores, by giving each individual interactable different behaviour.

WYDT Team!

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