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Being productive sometimes seems so impossible? Especially when your co-workers keep playing tricks on you, you want revenge don’t you? Invite them over to play this office simulator. Battle for eternal glory a.k.a. employee of the month by getting the most work done or trick your way into it by preventing your co-workers from getting anything done.

Why You Do This is a chaos packed office simulator.

Tasks get added to the task system every 5 seconds up to a maximum of three tasks. The players can then choose which task they complete, but the player outlined in the task will earn extra points if he completes that said task. Tasks can be completed by simply doing what the task instructs, for example: Bring me some coffee would instruct the player to go and find a coffeepot, fill it with coffee and then simply deliver it to the supervisor.

A second strategy to all this is to prevent everyone else from getting anything done. Through this so called “sabotage” mechanic, players can simply disable an interactable so that it can’t be used until repaired. However the player does this at his/her own risk because the supervisor can spot this kind of behaviour, so tread with caution.

The player that has earned the most points when the timer has run out, wins the game making him the new employee of the month.


WYDT 0.8.5 - Windows x64 Zip 84 MB
WYDT 0.8.5 - Windows x64 Installer 121 MB
WYDT 0.8.5 - Linux x64 Zip 173 MB

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